Well, after 8 months we are still going strong. Thanks to all involved as we helped to celebrate George’s birthday with him.

Lots of music and lots of people ( players, singers, and listeners). We were still going at 11:00 pm. Corey closed the place down with help from Paul, Ray, Trish and others. It was a good night of music & song.

We are still in need of a mic & amp for vocals. We had the mic but there was no facility to plug it in to any of the amplifiers that were there. If you can help with this  by the next jam on December 10th, it would be greatly appreciated by all.  It is really hard on the voices to try to be heard over the instruments.

We still aren’t getting any pics for the blog. Maybe as we celebrate the Christmas season on Dec.10th, we can get a few. Bring your cameras.

The link I have posted connects you to “Wood & Steel”. It is a publication put out by Taylor Guitars. There is an interesting article on jamming on page 18. Hope you download and enjoy.



The next jam is the last one of 2009.

See ya soon



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