Nathaniels’s Depot Pub Jam Night


Hi all. As you might have already noticed, we have changed to venue title to “NATHANIEL’S DEPOT PUB JAM NIGHT“. The format will still be the same.

The jam on August 13th was another great evening of music and fun. As mentioned in previous postings, we’ve gone back to an exclusive (almost except for the bass – thanks for bringing and sharing it Brian) night.

We had our usuals (Brian, Craig, Catherine, Randy, Gigsy, Trish, Kenny and myself – sorry if I missed anyone), as well as a few newcomers  including Dan & Dana, Larry & Karen, Chaba(?), and others that I can’t remember right now. How about Ben on the flute, guitar, and vocals.  We also had Barb & Ray come from St. Catharines just to listen. The rendition of “I Shot The Sheriff”  that was being performed as I was leaving was great. I had to stand in the parking lot and just listen.The young vocalists doing the back up singing were fantastic.

Our next evening is September 10th. Bring some friends for an enjoyable evening.

If you know of any friends that might like to be kept up to date with our sessions; have them forward their e-mails to me


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